Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Make a Little Extra Cash

Everyone has bought those certain books or DVDs which sounded fantastic from the synopsis and were less fantastic in reading the book or watching the DVD in its entirety. I always assumed that I would cart that section of books off to Goodwill or try to pawn them off on friends; instead you can easily post them on Amazon. Unlike eBay where you have to take photos, create a snazzy description AND pay to post your item on the site regardless whether it sells; Amazon's system is far easier. Instead, you navigate to the home page of the book or DVD you are trying to sell within Amazon's site; then click the button titled "Sell Yours Here" on the right-hand sidebar. You verify what condition your item is in: "New,""Used - Like New" etc. Then you must register yourself as a seller and enter your bank account information, and in theory wait for the orders to start coming in. The trick is that you must price your items pretty low in order to sell quickly; however, Amazon has incredible volume to their site ensuring that if you price your item right, it will sell. You receive an email notification when an item has been sold, and you have to mail that product within 2 days. Amazon will credit your bank account every few weeks; they do charge a service fee, but only if your item has sold. In short, post an item & wait for the free money to start rolling in!

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