Saturday, September 20, 2008

Virgin Olive Oil Is for Amateurs

Don't you just hate food snobs? Those people whom you find at the grocery store or out to eat who say things like, "Don't you just love a good Butterhead, I really just can't stand a Summer Crisp... well I guess I could eat it if it came early in the season." And all along they were just talking about lettuce? Well you finally have a some ammunition to sound cultured and in-the-know with regards to olive oil / vinegar (a little obscure, but that makes it all the more impressive). Old Town Oil is the mecca for all things olive oil and vinegar related. You can find flavors of vinegars that you didn't even knew existed from Pomegranate (my favorite) to pear to red apple. Pair that with Meyer Lemon 100% Extra Virgin olive oil, and you will be in heaven. Any salad or bread dip seems to take on a new form when you get to spice it up with these unbelievable flavors. This makes for a great gift... or a great hobnobbing moment when you comment (in your best nasal voice) "I really do prefer a 18 year balsamic over that very young 12 year. What about you?"

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