Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who Needs Pills Anyway?

I have a secret for you... a dry cleaning secret... the kind that saves you money. Interested? If you always thought that a sweater needed to go to the dry cleaners in order to have those sloppy pills removed, you were wrong. You can actually buy your very own (...insert drumroll...) Sweater Comb! Earth shattering I am sure, but now that recession times have hit, you need to cut back on costs any where you can. With a few quick strokes of the sweater comb, your sweater looks neater and cleaner and may even been softer than when you bought. Don't believe me? Just buy one and be rid of all those nasty pills.

P.S. The red sparkly Santa's Elves nail polish and multicolor Dad sweater are not included. Devastating I know.

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