Monday, October 13, 2008

Bag Tag Updo

My main essay for college applications described my suitcase, "Big Red," and how much I loved it because it stood out in a crowd. I juxtaposed Big Red to the "Boring Blacks," suitcases carried by boring business people going on boring trips while I was going on fun, adventure-filled trips. Well, on the eve of my first business trip, I realized I would have to go out and buy a "Boring Black" as "Big Red" or any red for that matter would stand out, and my occupation is all about fitting in. Talk about a Debbie Downer moment. As someone who is the antithesis of a wallflower, I was clearly on the market for a way to distinguish my newly acquired Boring Black. Enter the personalized bag tag from Fine Stationery. Now they aren't giving this bag tags away; however, it definitely adds a little pizazz to your boring black suitcase. You can have it monogrammed, hot pink, turquoise blue or any number of choices. It comes plasticized so its ready for the wear and tear of business travel. The silver lining: you can always claim the cost as a 'travel expense' ... because obviously you don't want to lose your bag!

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