Friday, April 24, 2009

Boyfriend Blazer... Leave It Home w/ the BF

I try to avoid being a victim of fashion. VIFs are those who fall prey to buying whatever the latest featured items were in Vogue or InStyle. It is easy to let happen. You see either people around wearing said item; the salesperson is really pushing for a purchase; and you don't want to dress like your mom. I place the Boyfriend Blazer into the VIF category whenever I see a normal person wearing one. I am sure if I was a triple zero like Kate Bosworth; I could probably make the boyfriend blazer look ok at best. For any normal human with normal proportions, the boyfriend blazer just leaves you look homeless or like a bad 80s sitcom without the shoulder pads. So for all of you who have been eyeing that blazer... leave that boyfriend blazer purchase at the store because instead you could get this fun tennis inspired dress.

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