Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disappearing Hotel Shampoo / Conditioner

When my dad comes to town, I get to live it up in fancy hotels. Since my own travels invariably have me staying in hostels / the Best Western, I always appreciate the experience. One of the best parts of inhabiting a 5 star hotel for a night is invariably the bedding, the bathroom and the shampoo / conditioner. I am always quick to hoard any bottles that come my way, and my dad and I are in a constant battle. The best by far in my book are the products offered by L'Occitane. Your hair truly smells divine and feels fantastic after each use. It is really worth fighting tooth and nail / sneakily taking a couple extra bottles from the maids' cart. One day I may get to use L'Occitane every day, but until then, I shall treasure every day I get to live in L'Occitane bliss thanks to the Dad.

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