Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Always Popped, Never Folded

So I used to fall into the quadrant of people who popped their collar and never folded it. But unless its 35 degrees out, and you are using this as a warmth tactic, you look ridiculous.... until now. Salmon Cove has designed a shirt which just screams "Pop my Collar!" It's as if you don't have a choice. Salmon Cove's shirts have been created so that the shirt and outer e collar is one color while the inside is a contrasting color. To avoid looking like a flashback from the 80s, you just have to pop the collar -- its a command -- not a fashion statement. So when you are headed out to your preppy destination of choice, throw on your polo and you will find it just magically stands on end because gravity is a thing of the past.

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