Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fake It 'til You Make It

Do you ever see those people who look impeccably sharp in a suit? Their suit fits right, the shirt has french cuffs, their shoes are unscuffed, they're tan, their hair perfectly coifed and when they reach out to shake your hand... FLASH... you see their perfectly monogrammed cuff links. Who has the financial wherewithal to afford all that? Well you can at least get a little assistance in the cuff link department at the Executive Gift Shoppe. Although you do have to hunt around a bit, you can get a great pair of "gold" or "silver" cufflinks for $30 which is a steal considering today's current commodity prices. While you can't have all the trappings of a $2,000 power suit, at least you can add a little pizzaz to the average shirt without fearing the total of your credit card bill this month.

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