Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Because Words Cannot Describe...

On a rare glimpse of The O'Reilly Factor, I caught a five minute special on Marina Orlova, creator of HotforWords.com. Marina is a self-proclaimed philologist, someone who studies linguistics and etymology. Marina's videos are easily seen on YouTube (Warning: do not open if your boss walks by, he / she won't believe you are learning about the origin of words.) Truly after one video, I was left speechless. Marina is from the mother country, so not only are you overwhelmed by her decolletage, you are also trying to understand what the heck she is saying with her VERY thick Russian accent. Normally I wouldn't spend a moment on such absurdity, except that her three minute lessons are actually interesting, and you feel like you are using the Greek / Latin you potentially studied to help that dreadful SAT score. The Take Away: Its at least worth a quick view because you may actually learn something ... or be completely horrified by the distances people go for their five seconds of fame.

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