Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If No One Like Grandma's Couch on Craigslist

In the great quest to furnish one's apartment on a meager post-college salary, it becomes necessary to call dear grandma and solicit any and all furniture she may have available to be borrowed. Invariably you are the proud owner of a 70's era couch which is fun for a few beer-crushing years. When you decide to upgrade, you figure: Why not post the couch on Craigslist so someone else can move that 7 foot beast? Well unfortunately not everyone is game for a couch going on 40 so when all else fails, call Salvation Army. Salvation Army comes and picks up your couch: FOR FREE; they even give you a receipt for your tax returns. It is actually pretty amazing for anyone who has been in the bind of the immovable couch. So when you are ready for the upgraded couch to impress your new lady friend by Friday night, Salvation Army is actually a great move: removal of the eye sore + the addition of "philanthropist" to your hobbies list.

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