Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Career Mentor

One of the greatest results of the current political climate has been the wake up call to America to replace their political apathy with opinions and interest in our current government. Their is plenty of fodder to react to, and finally people seem to be paying more attention to the issues. Penelope Trunk's blog provides that same type of material but in the career advice forum; often causing upwards of 80+ comments to her career advice and personal posts. Her advice runs the gamut from job hunting at your current job, job hopping and dating at the office. While I certainly don't agree with half of what she says, I appreciate her contrast to my very traditional workplace notions. Her posts engage and cause me to question the current workplace norms. Anyone who can provoke further thought, analysis and discussions merits promotion in my book.

Some of the posts which I found most interesting include:
Seven Reasons Why Graduate School Is Outdated
Bad Career Advice: Do What You Love
The New Girls Guide to Workplace Success

It provokes thought; not necessarily a desire to apply the advice to all areas of your life.

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