Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Travel Easy

When you are traveling to Europe on a three month backpacking safari, buy every single Frommers, Foder's, Let's Go, Rick Steve's and Lonely Planet guide you can find. For the rest of society, who only plans to spend a weekend or a few days at a given destination, the book will likely be a waste of money. Therefore, with your extra ten minutes to spare after you have printed our your boarding pass, check out Trip Advisor and see what recommendations they have. Since it is user-generated content, there is likely to be some polar extremes of people who either LOVED or HATED a given restaurant or activity; however, there tends to be more reliable reviews than citysearch.com and a little more realistic than opentable.com (sorry not every restaurant has great ambiance and wonderful service). I appreciate their Top 10 lists so you can make sure you are hitting "the best of" when you have a limited time frame. So take a couple minutes to check out TripAdvisor before the next boondoggle weekend so your decisions can be a little more informed.

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