Monday, October 27, 2008

After an Ikea Disaster

So my bedroom set from Ikea was a real bargain. It was also a real disaster. Seventy eight pieces to build one small nightstand; one of the drawers on my dresser will never close; another drawer seems to have an allergic reaction to its face accordingly it falls off every day or two dumping the contents of the drawer on the floor. Needless to say I am not an Ikea fan. I would need a degree in engineering to succesfully build their products. Luckily, Home Decorators recognized that you can't always afford that lovely $700 coffee table... but you want something nicer / easier to build than Ikea. Home Decorators comes to the rescue with that happy medium: sturdy, asthetically pleasing furninture with real directions on how to successfully build the furniture sent to your house. So if your Ikea-purchased bookshelf / dresser / spice rack went horribly wrong, you now have a new Plan A.

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