Monday, October 27, 2008

Ahead of the Curve

Sometimes I feel like I missed the pop culture bus. Catching a People magazine at the doctor's office is always an eye opening experience for me as my only sources of news are Bloomberg and WSJ... but such is life. As a result of this sheltered life I lead, it is clear I am the last to know about new vocabulary. I still use words like 'lovely' and 'dreadful' as if those were common phrases. Luckily for those living in the dark ages of vocabulary, Word Spy can save you from yourself. Word Spy aggregates and defines the latest and greatest in pop culture / current terminology. It doesn't have the raunchy flair of Urban Dictionary (thankfully) and actually offers words that you could potentially use in a coed work environment like: philanthrocapitalism n. Philanthropy that uses the principles, models, and techniques of capitalism or silent run n. The mass transfer of funds out of a troubled bank by online users. Granted I can't imagine myself using either of those words, but at least I won't feel like I need a translator when listening to the news, friends or even my mom. I am now in the know for at least the next 30 seconds.

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