Monday, December 1, 2008

Bargain Central

Do you ever get tired of searching dozens of websites to find the best deal on "______". I leave a blank because there is a revolving door of items needed from a replacement of a cashmere sweater rife with holes to a new pair of patent leather heels to a 'necessary' new dress for the next wedding to attend. Well thanks to Shop It To Me, your never-ending online hunts can be put to rest. Shop It To Me is essentially your very own Sak's personal shopper without the necessary Sak's debit card balance of $10,000+ (Finally!). When you log-in and create an account with Shop It To Me, you enter your size, your favorite brands and your MFS (most favored stores). Each day you get an email filled with the best deals on the internet based upon your selections. There is a thumbnail of each item with the original and sale prices. No more endless hunting and searching through overly-packed racks at Loehman's, Filene's or TJMaxx and shopping sessions with agressive minivan moms weilding their carts as a weapon. You can find all the deals online and just 'Shop It To Me' while you enjoy the comforts of your home. Finally that personal shopper you have been dreaming of: Mission Accomplished.

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