Monday, December 1, 2008

My Personal Assistant... Sort of

I intensely dislike many of the home duties i.e. laundry, dry cleaning, making dentist appointments, making hair appointments, scheduling flights and going to the grocery store. My ultimate goal is to live in a hotel where I would have a staff of people who would do all of these things for me. Not likely to happen in this life time, but I like to dream. I have stumbled upon a website (still in Beta) that seems to promise to alleviate at least one of those dreaded weekend tasks: the trip to the grocery store. I know that there are services from a number of grocery stores that allow for home delivery, but the point is that you need to either a) be home before 9PM (Doesn't fit with the current work schedule) or b) Waste a Saturday waiting for them to show up (Prevents me from doing my other 25 least favorite tasks). Enter Alice. The Alice platform promises to deliver all of your grocery needs when you need them from cleaning products to toothpaste. It has a very fun and flashy format and was started by a serial entrepreneur so here's to hoping that our new best friend Alice pulls through and does great things. I haven't been able to test out Alice to see if she lives up to all her prospects but here is to hoping! Countdown clock starting now!

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