Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dressing to the Nines

I love dressing up.... or I like to be in men's sweatpants sporting my college team name in big block letters. There is no in between. Either full glamor or ultimate comfort. In the full glamor category, my new favorite is Phoebe Couture. As my wedding calendar has been filling up rapidly... hello August, Month of the Weddings, there is a need for some class combined with color to enhance your summer tan and provide a little pizazz for the wedding shower / bachelorette party / wedding photo shoots. Phoebe Couture seems to have landed on the right combination of beautiful (without the cleavage) and tailored pieces (without shopping with mom at Anne Taylor). The dresses can be pricy; however, you can definitely rewear these friends (That's right dresses are like friends) season after season so bring on the garden parties and paparazzi sessions.

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