Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Good Old Days

I think everyone misses the days of big bonuses, positive earnings calls and fun / happiness / excesses prior to the recession if 2007, 2008 and 2009 (and realistically 2010). The ladies at Dating a Banker Anonymous (DABA) chronicle exactly what they miss most about the high-flying days of dating an FBF (Finance Guy Boyfriend; apparently the G is silent... no comment). Grammar aside, their posts are a fantastic break from the Dow 5,000 watch, the discussion of deals blowing up and pink sheets. The DABA girls provide a warning system based on the latest market news as to how friendly / depressed your FBF will be. They also provide a post forum where fellow DABAs can vent and seek out advice for their particular dating conundrum. This is the go-to guide for how to deal with the finance dude in your life. Their best advice was given in the post titled "Relish the Recession":
  • "This recession just bought everyone an extra two years of the single life. SAVOR IT. Go, have a steamy affair with some Latin lover who spends his free time thinking up new bedroom positions instead of trading positions. Relish that for the here and now you don’t have to be seen in public with a guy who wears black shiny shoes with jeans. "
Good-bye finance -- hello Buenos Aires.

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