Monday, March 9, 2009

Guilt Free Shopping

With unemployment up and bonuses / compensation down, it's hard to not buy yourself a present every now and again as you do the work of 3 people. Cue drum roll....: Please welcome our latest fashion bargain: Gilt Groupe. Ever wonder how the co-worker who earns the same salary as you manages to have the latest designer purse / shoes / sweater. No she isn't using her home equity line any longer or her boyfriend's AmEx card; she has been shopping at Gilt Groupe. While it is an invitation-only site, check in with your nearest fashionista to send you an invite as undoubtedly he or she already has an account. (Said person will be incented to help you out as he or she will receive a $25 credit on the site if you succumb to purchasing a new friend online). The site functions like auction offering up men's, women's and children's clothes as well as home goods for sale for a limited time. You will receive an email at 12PM ET / 9 AM PT with the latest bargains from 2 to 3 different designers. You will be able to purchase the items for sale at discounts of up to 70%; then the unsold items are pulled. Keep in mind: this is competition / war! You have access to purses from Marc Jacobs, shoes from Bally and skirts from Vera Wang's Lavendar collection depending on the day; this is not a one-time sample sale. This is glorious deals... day after day. So fire up your engines and let the bargain shopping begin so you can be the fairest of them all.

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