Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I love Yelp. It is a fantastic resource especially when you have moved to a new city. I find their services review i.e. hairdresser, eye brow waxer and doctors most helpful, and it is also my go-to any time I am on the market for some help with selecting a restaurant in a particular area or a good meet-up spot. While Yelp is great, it proves useless when you need help picking out hiking boots or a new DVD player. Welcome Buzzillions! It is awesome. You can search for hundreds of different products and read reviews from actual product users (not the exagerated hype you see on the backs of books / movies), and you can even select the price range you are most interested in. They even offer where you can buy said product at what price points. Amazing! This is truly a life saver, and I am amazed I lived as long as I did without it!

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