Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ShoeDazzle or ShoeRip-Off?

Kim Kardashian recently started a company called ShoeDazzle. Essentially you answer a couple questions so the website will have an idea of the type of shoes you like; you pay $49.99 a month to receive a pair of shoes (I guess you can opt out if there is nothing you like); you are mailed a pair of shoes and either you can keep or return them. It is awefully hard to judge the merit of the company on the surface. Personally I didn't care for any of the styles shown on the site. One piece of the puzzle I didn't understand was if these shoes are designed by Kim & Company if they just send you shoes from another designer. I have always wanted a personal shopper to be fair, but somehow I don't think Kim and I have similar tastes... at all. An interesting idea to be sure, but I am sensing a crash and burn kind of like her reality tv career, but at least she has Reggie.

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