Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Extra PR for BR's Jewels

Dear Banana-

I am writing to let you know that I think you have fallen down on the job. I appreciated your spring sale to be sure, and I recognize that the marketing and advertising budget can be the first to go in a downturn, but I just do not understand why you don't advertise your jewelry more! It is great! It is fantastic! Often the best looks are on sale! Don't you want people to know about this? Don' keep your best treasures hidden!

I have taken upon myself to set the record straight and let everyone know how fantastic AND reasonably priced your jewelry as it seems you have slipped your mind. BR jewelry makes for terrific gifts as you can find fun rings or bracelets in the perfect $25 to $45 category. You can get beautiful necklaces in gold (my favorite) or silver depending on your preference. The sale prices are always set at the perfect range where it is hard to say no. And you can liven up any outfit at a fraction of Neiman's jewelry costs without the green residue that Claire's necklaces leave. So there. Personal vendetta accomplished. BR you can send me all the free jewelry you want in return for my helpful PR.


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