Monday, April 6, 2009


Yes, I do know how to spell; Yes, I am referring to 'Target' but I wanted to reflect it's occasionally upscale cousin. So Tarjay along with other retailers such as Walmart and Kohl's have hired well-known designers to spice up their home or clothing departments with a signature line. To my knowledge, Tarjay was one of the first retailers to do this with its Todd Oldham and Mossimo lines. While those creations were standard, Tarjay has had a few recent hits such as Hollywould and most recently Miss Trish of Capri. I love these summer sandals from Miss Trish... unfortunately the white whale sandals I had hoped to buy are out of stock (Shocker!), so I cannot tell you how comfortable they are (i.e. kill my feet a la Steve Madden or treat my feet kindly a la Cole Haan), but clearly they are on my Target WishList. If I could enter one comment to the Target comment box it would be, MORE FUN DESIGNERS PLEASE! Maybe if I link to their website they will pay attention... but probably not.

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