Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I-Like-the-Emergency-Room Shoes

I don't get this hooker heel trend at all. Maybe because my mode of transportation is my two feet and not a car, I will naturally view these shoes as absurdities. I am truly mystified by these sky high platform shoes that put all women over 6 feet tall. Secretly I feel bad for all the short guys out there because now women will truly tower over them by a good foot. I just feel like I would be putting my life on the line any time I strapped those weapons on my feet. Between breaking my ankle, tripping and splitting my face apart or catching the super spiky heel on anything, I would just be destined for failure. I am all for heels as I think they can make women feel more confident and attractive, but leave the hooker heels to the pole dancers as they need the extra cash in these tough times.

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