Monday, September 15, 2008

FREE Internet at Starbucks

So in an effort to stop the slide of their earnings (I guess putting a topless woman on their cups / the launch of Pike's Peak / Giving people $2 drinks if you will commit to going to Starbucks twice in a day hasn't worked out), Starbucks has decided to offer "free internet" to its loyal customers. What "free" means in the world of Starbucks:

- You must have a Starbucks gift card
- You must have used said Starbucks gift card in the last 30 days
- You have to register the card online.
- You only have internet for two hours; so no, you can't check every one of friend's profiles on Facebook... but you can get to all the "Recently Updated"

All of this means that internet at Starbucks is technically free as long as you don't mind jumping through a few hoops but at least they aren't flaming. Since Starbucks are now ubiquitous, you are only a few blocks away from some caffeine and online shopping pretty much anywhere in Ameria -- except maybe Alaska -- Sorry Sarah.

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