Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recission Perk

One potential upside of the recession is that 'Cheap Fashion' has now become all the rage and perfectly acceptable. While people may have shopped religiously at F21 and H&M, they may have been hesitant to own up to the true origins of their favorite top, jeans or handbag. Now that the 'public' has fully embraced this trend; it seems like designers are more and more willing to associate their brand with this fashion providers. Drum roll please.... Jimmy Choo is designing a line of shoes for H&M. I can honestly say I thought that would never happen, but I am very excited for JC's debut. Who knows maybe H&M has decided to step it up after the smashing successes that Target has had with their Miss Tricia line, but I am liking what I am seeing!

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